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Immersive experience production in
AR, VR, mobile, Unity3D, and physical installations

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Create Your Own World is enchanting the world by creating software experiences for traditional, next gen, and pre-public release platforms. We have client-partners in art, entertainment, neuro-wellness, and community resiliance spaces. We empower them with our decades of experience and eye for wonder in order to help create transformative experiences under real world constraints.

Principal founder, Jason Asbahr, started on the ground floor of virtual reality development during the first VR wave in the 90s. Over the last two decades he's developed massively multiplayer games, arcade games, social games, mobile games, and music games. Along the way he has collected tight team highly aligned contributors with many years of experience within thier respective domains, collectively covering application development, game design, interaction design, entrepreneurship, management, and creative coding. Together we continue to create impactful and uplifting experiences.

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Showcase Projects

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Marked the late-COVID resurgence of the independent immersive experiences scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. We produced the virtual world content including projections, virtual set, installation-wide soundscape, and Internet of Things sensitivity. The virtual world is responsive to hundreds of sensors via custom MQTT / IoT library, and renders a continuous visual displayed across 8 projectors.

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Project Avatar

Developed for Intheon, Project Avatar offers users a literal representation of their own brains in real-time, as a cornerstone of a transformational experience. It supports visualizations of 5 band fiber tractography and cortical activity as well as electromyographical and heartbeat sensors.


Catan: World Explorers

Working for lead developers Nerd Ninjas to bring a beloved classic to an unprecedented geographic scale. This major release was part of the early phase of Niantic’s publishing platform which included groundbreaking work on AR interactions, spatial computing, and cross-genre adaptation.


Harmony Sound Wave

Audio reactive installation piece produced for retail space partners. In collaboration with lead artist and concept creator Sunya Whitelight, built the custom analog-to-digital circuit with eight IR sensors and wrote the control code to detect proximity, manage play of eight audio channels, and to invoke patterns on the eight LED panels.



Geo-scale AR project where players gain the magical ability to engage cosmic energies for the sake of cultivating fantastic ecologies on earth. Community-scale cooperation is a core principle, enacted through in the construction and stewardship of an emergent natural and built environment. Research and development continue.

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Innovation maintains a battle-tested codebase for addressing the challenges faced integrating interactive software with domains as disparate as AR/VR, physical computing, and audio analysis. Combined with hands-on experience with 1st party and vendor features in Unity3D, to bring excellence to rapid prototyping and developement in bleeding edge contexts.

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Discover the next generation of collaborative creation in virtual worlds. Let's create together.

2443 Fillmore St. #380-8003
San Francisco, CA 94158


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