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Warmly's Chakra platform provides users with a Mixed Reality toolkit, allowing anyone to create interactive virtual reality and augmented reality worlds, share them with friends, and play together in the same online spaces.

Chakra is an immersive experience that puts you inside another world - a virtual space in which the environment reflects and intuitively responds to the data surrounding the player.

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Chakra presents a new way of being able to engage with the virtual world, combining room-scale VR, geolocational AR, interactive experiences, network collaboration, in-world editing powers, and creative user communities.

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We are focused on developing the building blocks that deliver on core functionality. That core functionality represents the unique knowledge we have developed around interactive transformational games, content pipelines, and platform development.

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The Chakra project is led by Jason Asbahr. Jason started on the ground floor of virtual reality development during the first VR wave in the 90s. Over last two decades he's developed massively multiplayer games, arcade games, social games, mobile games, and music games.

"I've worked with Jason on and off for over 10 years. He led the team that created my very first music game. Jason is one of the most qualified people on the planet to develop interesting VR music games and experiences."
-Charles Huang, co-creator of Guitar Hero



Discover the next generation of collaborative creation in virtual worlds. Let's create together.

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